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In Animation Builders, our skilled artists and animators are dedicated to transforming complicated ideas into smooth animations that resonate with your audience. Through transparent communication and compelling content, our animations command attention and leave a lasting impression. Whether clarifying concepts, highlighting products, or educating visitors, our whiteboard animation services provide a versatile and impactful means of conveying information.

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We proudly present ourselves as the premier destination for the elite selection in whiteboard animations. What sets us apart is not only our dedication to quality but also our profound understanding of the unique power of custom whiteboard animations.

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2D And 3D Whiteboard Animation Services

Whiteboard services

Our goal is to simplify intricate concepts, educate your audience, or craft an unforgettable brand experience, our 2D and 3D whiteboard animations are meticulously tailored to fulfill your precise requirements. In the realm of 2D animations, our whiteboard animators employ a classic yet engaging style, which is ideal for conveying information with clarity and charm. On the contrasting frontier of 3D animations, we introduce an additional layer of depth and realism, resulting in an immersive visual tout that leaves a lasting impact.

Whiteboard services
CEO at Animation Builders - Ahmad Naveed
Ahmed Naveed
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We are always here to process your thoughts and guide them through various steps to shape a story that will lead to success.

“Our mission is to deliver unparalleled animation services to our clients, ensuring their utmost satisfaction and accelerating the growth of their businesses through our exceptional animation solutions.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whiteboard animation is a type of video where drawings are made on a whiteboard while someone explains something. It’s often used to simplify and explain ideas, like in educational videos or presentations.

Creating a whiteboard animation involves writing a script, drawing visuals, adding a voice-over, and animating the drawings to match the narration. Effects and transitions are included, and the final animation is shared online or in presentations. This process combines storytelling, drawing, and animation to make engaging whiteboard videos.

If you already have a script we can go with it but if you don’t have one, we are also providing perfect script writing services which really attract the audience and make a perfect animation story for your business or product.

To get in touch with us for whiteboard animation services, simply visit our website and navigate to the “Approach us” section. There, you’ll find our contact details, including email, phone number, and possibly a contact form. Feel free to reach out to us with your inquiries, project details, or any questions you may have about our animation services.

We request half of the payment upfront, and the remaining half upon completion of the production. We gladly accept a wide range of payment methods from around the world.



With the assistance of our highly skilled and professional animators and designers, who are dedicated to producing high-quality animated videos, we ensure a collaborative approach that comprehends your requirements.

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“”Our goal is to assist animation enthusiasts, aiding their business growth with our animation services. We focus on delivering quality work within a friendly environment, always making your satisfaction our top priority.”

CEO at Animation Builders - Ahmad Naveed

Ahmed Naveed