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This section aims to establish a clear understanding of the obligations, permissions, and limitations for both the website and its users, ensuring a safe and compliant environment for all participants

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“We aim to inspire, entertain, and foster a community that celebrates the power of animation as a medium for storytelling, unleashing imaginations and bringing characters and narratives to life with boundless possibilities”

M Ahmed Naveed

Animation.Builders C.E.O

Acceptance of Terms

Agreement to Terms and Conditions

User Consent: Clarifying that by accessing or using the website, users are expressly agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement.

Understanding and Acceptance: Highlighting the importance of users comprehending and accepting the terms, establishing a legally binding contract between the website and its users.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

Violation of Terms: Describing the potential consequences, such as account suspension or termination, for users who fail to comply with the terms.

Legal Ramifications: Addressing the possibility of legal actions or liabilities that may arise in the event of significant breaches or violations of the terms.

Moneyback Guarantee

Qualifying for a Refund: Explaining the criteria that must be met for customers to be eligible for a refund under the money back guarantee policy, such as specific timeframes or conditions.

Refund Process: Outlining the step-by-step procedure for customers to follow when requesting a refund, including any documentation or information that may be required.

Limitations and Exclusions

Excluded Services: Specifying any services that are not eligible for a refund under the money back guarantee, such as customized or digital items.

Refund Policy Duration: Describing the timeframe within which customers must submit their refund requests and any limitations on the duration of the money back guarantee.

Data Privacy and Security

Security Measures and Safeguards: Rest assured, we prioritize the security of your data. Our Terms of Service outline the robust security measures we have in place to protect your information.

Data Collection and Usage: Learn about the types of information we collect, the purposes for which it is collected, and how it improves your experience on our website.

Feedback and Suggestion

Feedback Submission Guidelines: It provides instructions on how users can effectively communicate their suggestions, ideas, and improvements to help us enhance our services and user experience.

User Suggestions and Improvement Contributions: We encourage users to share their valuable suggestions and contribute to the ongoing improvement of our animation website.

CEO at Animation Builders - Ahmad Naveed
Ahmed Naveed
Let’s Convert Your Thinking into Creation.

Animation Builders is one of the most popular animation company providing services for over 5 years.

A great Pride for us for having completed thousands of projects with the most popular brands. We are a big team to serve our clients better.

Bruce Miller

Founder – Hemisferio


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