2D Animation Course (Advanced)

A complete 2D Advanced Animation Course designed to start working right after the course completion with custom faces illustrations and character creation according to market standards. also get a chance to get paid internships through this program, with SECP registered company’s (Animation Builders PVT LTD).

Projects You Will Be Able to Do After This Course

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Ahmed Naveed
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Client Hunting Strategies (Fiverr)

client hunting

Our 2d Animation Course Also includes the segment of marketing your skills on different platforms. So that after developing your skills you can also know to market them and can start you earning.

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Software We Will Cover In This Course

Adobe Photoshop



Adobe After Effects

After Fx

Cartoon Animator 5


Animation Outline Batch 2

Course Information

2 Months Time

The overall duration for this course will be of 2 months. In which we will move from basics of 2D Animation to advance 2D Animation.

Better Then Degree

We are SECP registered company and after completing this course inshallah you realize that your degree is just a piece of paper. Only Skills Matter.

Market Approach

All of the market approaches and strategies with be dicussed with you including the client hunting so can start your projects right after this course.

Paid Internships

Students with best perfomance will be provided with paid internships after completing this course. Which boost your experience in Animation.

Course Road Map

In our first lecture we will introduce you with the whole pipeline process of our 2d animation. Including complete overview of working of animation. Which Softwares will be used and how to download these softwares for free.
Complete tutorial of Adobe Illustrators, which involves all of the necessery tools that we need in the character illustratin , face designing and overlapping of our whole character.
Overall guide for using the Adobe Photoshop tutorial and the required tools of Adobe Photoshop in applying the bones to the characters.
This required the practice of our lecture # 2 in which by using the tools we study in our illustrator class will be applied and the overlapping process will be described with the practical example of some characters.
This require the detailed practice of our all previous lectures in which we will discuss how we can apply bones to the characters after overlapping them in the illustrator, also how we can apply changes in the bones to make the movement of eyes and hands.
We will get started with Cartoon Animator 4 and how to import the characters of bones in psd format to cartoon animator. Some of the basic tools will be discussed overall of the interface will be explained. Some of the basic animation will be applied to that character also.
Creating a custom character face, in which we will convert a real footage into a cartoon and perform overlapping and bones and import into cartoon animator 4 to check our progress of character.
A complete start of 2d animatoin project in cartoon animator 4 and other softwares in which we will discuss some of the fundamentals and details in our animation process.
In this we finalize our project and have an after effects tutorial in which we will perform editting on our clips and add some final touches to our previous project.
Advanced 360 head setup in cartoon animator and its illustration in illustrator and head bones for 360 head in adobe photoshop.
We will start our another animated explainer video project in this lecture and create an outstanding video with animation in after effects. In our first part we will discuss our script and check our voice over and collect data for our animation video.
We will perform motion graphics concepts in this lecture and create our final explainer animated video.
How to create a logo animation in adobe after effects and how to make custom intro and outro for a youtbe channel startup.
Introduction and animation in video scribe for making whiteboard animation and how to make videos for your animation.

In Pakistan, social media ADs is best for business growth. So we teach you how you can run your AD in Pakistan and gain local clients from different industries.

We share all the strategies like where and how you can find clients in different planforms such as Fiverr, Artstation, Social Media, YouTube and LinkedIn.
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