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We are professional logo animation creators to create best logo animations.

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Animation Builders

Animation Builders

Get Beautiful And Professional Custom Logo Animation Designs

Professional Logo Animation Services

Bring life to your Brand Logo and make it Attractive Reflecting your Services. We create Awesome Animated Logo Designs for your youtube, social media and other Brand to make it Unique.

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We Are Professional With Our Work

Animation Builders are the most popular in Animated Custom Logo Animations. We craft Logos from the heart and make it unique and Valuable for the Audience to gain their Attention.

Corporate identity

Best Logo Animation Service Studio

Corporate identity

Animation Builders creates animated logos that will stand out and help your business grow. We offer best logo animation for all types of businesses, including websites, blogs and products. Our animators are dedicated to helping you create an animated logo that represents your company’s style and ensures your customers remember you. We specialise in 2D and 3D logo animations, spinning logo animation, moving logo animations and more. Our logo animators have the expertise to bring any logo and business to life through customised logo animations so rest assured your project would be in the right hands!

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Let’s Convert Your Thinking into Creation.

Having animated logo for your brand makes it memorable, however, it requires creative thinking and effort.

About Us

A successful and renowned business requires an unforgettable logo and a great logo requires advanced designs and visual effect expertise. Here are a few things you would not want to have :

  • Pre-made animated logo templates. They take away all the essences of your company’s identity

  • Do not take the services of freelancers who have zero expertise in the field.

  • Avoid using jerky and unnatural looking motions and graphics.

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Why choose Animation Builder’s Logo Animation

Our team of experts works hard to make suitable and professional logo animation gifs or glitches etc. We guarantee you will be impressed with our work.
Logo animation is a great way to get your brand’s name out there, and to make sure that everyone who sees it knows who you are. It can be used in any digital medium to help create a unique and remembering experience for your audience. Here at Animation Builder’s we make sure to create ideal logo animation for your brand that would not only make leave a lasting impression but also help in brand’s identity.

  • Professional Custom Logo Designs
  • Big Team Of Animated Logo Designers & Experts
  • Budget Friendly Services
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Access to Customised Logos

Customised logos help your company stand out from the competitors by making your logo more memorable, interesting and unique. They are perfect to create your brand identity on a greater level.

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Increased Brand Recognition

Animated logos help increase brand recognition and make it easier for people to remember you and your products or services and also help to reach out to a larger number of people.

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Better Engagement and Connectivity

It can also help hold viewers’ attention for longer periods of time, which will allow you to connect with them more deeply on an emotional level than you might otherwise be able to do with static imagery alone.

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Experienced Animators and Designers

We’re here to help you get the most out of your design. Our team of designers and animators are all experts in their field, so we know exactly what it takes to create an effective logo animation for your project.

Animation Builders’ animated logo services will give your company an impressive identity

About Us

Let us help you create the magic you always dreamed of. Get original, creative and absolutely stunning animated logos for your business.

  • Get the most talented, creative experts of graphics and animation at your service.

  • Get original, unique and high resolution logo animation.

  • Get your quality work delivered on time.

2D animation approach

We offer custom logo animation production

We believe that making an animated logo is more than just animating a pre-existing logo. We specialize in helping businesses find the perfect animation style based on the brand they want to put across and its overall message instead of just animating existing logo.

Types of Animated Logos

Our team of highly-skilled logo animators provides the most genuine and impressive animation logos.

Logo Conceptualisation

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Logo conceptualisation is the fundamental part of your brand identity. Our talented in-house designers and animators will work with you to reflect your business in the best light.

Moving Logo Animation

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Do you want a logo that not only looks great but also moves? You’re at the right place. We’ll make sure to provide you with the best moving animated logo for your company.

Spinning logo animation

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At our logo animation agency, we will create inspirational designs for your spinning logo animation. We also have a collection of spin logos that would give a boast to your brand.

Cartoon Logo Animation

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When you’re looking for a way to make your brand stand out, getting a cartoon logo animation is the way to go. It’s creative, affordable, and it will have your customers talking about your brand.

Custom Logo Animation

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Custom logo animation is a great way to highlight your brand. We will create amazing logo animations for you from scratch! Trust us with your next project and wait for the magic!

2D & 3D Logo Animation

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We have the expertise, creativity and tools to create the best 2D and 3D logo animations for your company that could be used basically anywhere and looks absolutely tremendous.

Corporate logo Animation

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It’s no hidden fact that a logo is the identity of a company. Get an eye catching corporate logo animation from professionals in our teams and stand out in the crowd.

After Effects Logo Animation

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After effects logo animations are the perfect way to add a little flare to your animated logos. We have created lots of them and would love to create one for you!

Our Clients Reviews

Some kind words from our respected clients


I am fully satisfied with Animation builders because they did my work perfectly. Their services are outstanding and my experience was very good with them. This is an amazing company in my opinion.

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customer review for animation builders

Saqib Aziz

Design Upgrade CEO


This is proud to work with such an amazing company and their services are available. Especially their team is helpful and they guided me perfectly to get my work done in an amazing way.

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Lebelle CEO


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They are experts in their work and the animation builder team is really hardworking and honest. Superfast services with quality work made me happy to leave a positive response for them.

customer review


Bee Marketing CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

Logo animation or an animated logo is basically a logo with added animation and motion graphics. Logo animation gives a more classy and professional look your brand’s logo. Our animators and designers will create logo animation which will reflect your business.
Animated logos are the perfect way to add some pizzaz to your brand. They can be used in multiple ways. Logo animations are not only eye catching but they also create a more immersive experience. You can use them on your websites, social media platforms or basically anywhere online.
Yes, you can use logo animations for websites. The main reason why is because it will draw more attention to your brand and give it more personality.
The best way to do this is by making sure that the animation matches the tone and style of your website.
A logo animation should be short enough to not be annoying, but long enough to show off the brand. A good and recommended length for a logo animation is under 10 seconds.
Logo animation has many benefits. It is am effective way to communicate your brand’s personality and help you stand out from competitors. It connects more easily with your audience and help you build trust with potential clients. They are the perfect way to enhance the overall image of your business.

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